Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weird and Wacky Wednesday

I don't usually work on Wednesday mornings but today I had an early meeting and some things to take care of.

As I was trying to sneak out this morning, Jelly Belly found me and said, "Mommy, last night, I fell off my bed and when I woke up, I was sleeping on my bean bag, and I was like woah, what's going on, but it was so funny mom, I fell off the bed and I didn't cry, I just snuggled up on the bean bag...."

She was so cute and funny.  I love it when she wakes up in a good mood.

I hurried off to work.  I worked like a maniac, another thing I don't usually do, because I had to rush out at 11am to pick up Jelly Belly from preschool. 

I was greeted by Jelly Belly's huge smile. 
Right behind her was another littler girl who said, "I am coming to your house today." 

I nervously replied, "Yes you are."

Jelly Belly had her first official big girl playdate. 
A friend from preschool came to our house without her mommy or daddy.
I was nervous and wasn't quite sure what to expect. 

I was a bit shocked that there was no arguing, fighting crying, or pouting. 

There was music, coloring, barbies, play do, moon sand (everywhere), babies, strollers, tent and finger painting.  It felt like each time I was done setting something up, they were done with it. I think the most one activity lasted was15 minutes.

I don't know how I managed to make dinner (thankfully it was a crockpot day), clean the kitchen counters and empty and load the dishwaher.

When I tried to join in on the fun and play with Jelly Belly and her friend, I was told that grow ups could not play.
I like this friend.

I overheard Jelly Belly talk a lot about Danny and Penny today, and it was a bit weird to me since she had a real friend infront of her. 
Most of the time, I play along with her or completely ignore it.
Today, I wasn't really sure how to handle it.

At one point, her friend ran to me and said, "She keeps talking about Danny and Penny."

I said, "I know, Jelly Belly has pretend friends.  She doesn't have brothers or sisters but she really wants one, so she makes them up."

Her friend replied, "Ok, she always talks about Danny and Penny at school", then she quickly ran off....

I am still unsure if my explanation was appropriate. But all I keep thinking is, "please don't make fun of my Jelly Belly and is this something I should be concerned about?"

Our playdate has left me with all kinds of wacky thoughts. 
Will we ever have another baby?

Someday Jelly Belly.   It will happen when we least expect it.
Someday you will be the best big sister to a real sibbling.
For now, I would really like to know how you ended up on the bean bag last night.

I wonder if Danny and Penny had anything to do with it.

Tomorrow is Friendship Friday...hope you join in on the FUN!


Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

That's so cute! My daughter always rolls off the bed, but stays asleep. She never wakes up unless she wants to! lol

Following late from Friday Follow. lol Better late than never!!

Hopefully you do the same and visit us!

Charlene said...

Sounds like she had a lot of fun with her friend! My kids never had imaginary friends, maybe because they have so many brothers and sisters that they didn't feel the need for a "friend".

Snuggly Monkey mama said...

You are right that it will come when you least expect it. i don't think you have anything to worry about - it just means she has a wonderful imagination and is very creative. Miss m has taken to talking about her adventures with her brother "John" ... They do all sorts of marvelous things together :)

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