Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything happens for a reason

As if life could not get any more stressful, I was in a car accident on Monday afternoon.

I am okay and thank God that I am alive. I have a broken toe, a sprained ankle and lots of bruises. I thank God that Jelly Belly was not in the car.

I don't remember much but it was the scariest thing I have ever been through.
I am so thankful God took care of me. I am trying so hard to be positive. Considering our Big Announcement, the timing could not be any worse. I keep telling myself that somehow things will work out. Everything happens for a reason.

I am having a hard time turning off the little voices in my head.
How could this have happened? We are suppose to leave for California next week to find a place to live. He starts his job on the 24th, I can't even walk. A higher cost of living and now a car payment, there is just no way.

I keep staring at my treadmill, wondering when I will be on it again. I must confess that I even weighed myself today, I am up 5 lbs. in 5 days, how can that be possible? It's got to be the swelling, right? And why oh why am I even thinking of my weight?

I am alive, and I am thankful but I am praying for strenghth to get us through this.

Jelly Belly has been amazing. She understands that I am in pain. The day of the accident, she was very upset when the day came to an end and I had not arrived to pick her up yet. She was told I had a headache and had to go to the doctor. Grandma did her best to calm her down but Jelly Belly insisted on going home. Tia A. brought her home a little bit after midnight, shortly after we got home from the hospital. Luckily she was asleep.

The next morning, she came in and asked if my head was okay and told me that she heard Grandma on the phone saying I had been in an accident. This confirms that she fully understands Grandma when she speaks Spanish.  We didn't give her any details but she cried a bit when we said it was true. She did not like the bruises and scratches and became very worried when she saw me walk/hop for the first time. Since then she has been very helpful, holding my hand each time I need to go potty and giving me lots of tender kisses.

I miss my daily routine with her, I miss hugging her and squeezing her. My family and friends have been wonderful.
I am so grateful for everyone's help, prayers and support.  Something good will come out of this, since everything happens for a reason.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friendship Friday~The big announcement

Happy Friendship Friday and Friday Follow hosted by

Friday Follow

My most recent Facebook status was "Holy Moly, I just quit my job!"
A lot of things have been happening around here, a lot of uncertainty and a lot of stress.
Some of our friends have caught on.  First, there was a Wordless Wednesday about Jelly Belly's room. Then I posted our Garage Sale.  Soon followed by My Cinderella and Cleaning out the Fridge....

The waiting is finally OVER! We can finally and officially say we are moving to the Bay area!
The hubby accepted his job offer on Wednesday.  He is getting his dream job; he will be working for Lucasfilm Animation!  And I am so proud of him.
He has already told me that I MUST watch all the Star War movies before he starts.  He starts on May 24!
Everything is happening so fast.
We need a place to live and we need to find renters for our house.
So much to do!
I need to remind myself to Breathe!

Since it is Friendship Friday, I must say that it's been an emotional week with family and friends.
We've gotten many different reactions from our news.
Quite a few are in complete shock, even denial.  Others have been ecstatic! They can't wait to come and visit! Some just can't wrap their minds around it.

I have been in AZ since I was nine years old!

I have experienced every possible feeling that there is.  I am a planner and a control freak, so considering all of this, I must say that I am very proud of myself.  I am still standing, and somewhat breathing.  My heart is pounding but I feel like I can do this, we can do this, I am feeling empowered by this opportunity!

A lot of things remain uncertain, but the one thing I do know is that I have my family and amazing friends that will help us get through this including all of you!

Jelly Belly's initial reaction was not the one we were hoping for.  There were some tears and lots of questions.  I swear I thought she really wouldn't understand it all, but I think she does.  After a lot of comforting, reassuring and making this new adventure very exciting for her, we are now at the point where she is telling people, "I am going to California, to a new town, and I'm going to get a new house."

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we begin this new adventure and I promise to keep you posted!

Hope you join me for Friendship Fridays and be sure to visit Friday Follow!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cleaning out the Fridge

I have been doing a lot of cleaning.  Every chance I get, I try and tackle something new.
Today I started the refrigerator but did not get very far. 
I found this:

I used it to make some coconut macaroons a few months ago.
I thought for sure this would entertain Jelly Belly.
She was so excited to hear me say, "It's project time!"

I got some construction paper, glue and let Jelly Belly pour the coconut into a small cup.
She decided she wanted to make a card for Tita (mother in law) who is arriving from Costa Rica on Friday!

She was too fast! 
I did each letter one at at a time and as soon as I continued with my fridge cleaning,
I heard,
"Mama, I'm done! What letter is next?!"

So my idea of keeping her entertained did not play out how I imagined it but she had a good time making this special card!

Hope you join us for Friendship Friday!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-My Cinderella

Today I found this box of pretty ribbons.
Pretty ribbons from all of our wedding gifts....

I have kept it for over 7 years. 

I am glad I stopped what I was doing to play Cinderella with her.

I was the handsome prince.

She had so much fun at the ball!
I knew there had to be a reason why I was keeping this box for so long!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday in My City

This was yesterday....a very last minute garage sale!
Beautiful weather for May in AZ.  I was even wearing a sweatshirt early in the morning.
Jelly Belly was so excited and she insisted in having a lemonade stand.
Funny thing is, some people were not willing to pay $1 for a sweater, but could not resist giving her a dollar for half a cup of store bought lemonade. 
She earned over $5.00, while mommy and daddy pocketed over $100.
Not bad for a no preparation kind of garage sale!

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