Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hunting for Bugs

Jelly Belly got bit by ants last week at her school! or I should clarify ONE ant.  I guess that is what happens when mama is at work and daddy and her decided she should wear flip flops to school. Hey--the weather is finally warm enough and this whole school thing is still somewhat new to us.  We forget we have to follow school rules.  Nevertheless it traumatized her.

  Since then she has been freaking out at the sight of little bugs. 

We were drawing outside this afternoon and she screams at the sight of an ant.  Now I know I am a wimp when it comes to bugs but I certainly do not need her to be.  I ran in her playroom and frantically looked for her magnifying glass.  I come out all excited and tell her to look at the ant.   She gives me the big eyes and says, "let's pretend we are hunters and we are hunting for bugs!"

Yay for her imagination! We spent a good hour outside examining bugs and discussing them. I am no bug expert so I will not share our conversation. The whole time I was wishing I had a good book to go along with it. Any suggestions?
She is still not convinced that every ant she sees will not try to bite her. At least I can tell her, "the only reason it bit you is cuz you eat so many sweets and they were thinking, yummy this jelly belly sure tastes good".


Life with Kaishon said...

What a fun idea : ) I am glad you helped her overcome her fear!

Candace said...

That is so sweet! What a good idea to let her explore the bug world rather than just letting her be totally afraid! And thank you so much for the comment!

Arizona Mamma said...

Great idea you had. My kids have very little fear, and it actually makes me nervous. I would hate for one of them to stumble upon a scorpion or black widow. YIKES!

My daughter loves Fancy Nancy books, and there is one titled "Fancy Nancy, Explorer Extraordinare." It's a cute book, and they discover some bugs I think, among other things.

Misty said...

Visiting from SITS!!! Great idea!!!

blueviolet said...

Hahaha, my brother got bit by red ants once and has been obsessed with killing them ever since! You're fun. I'm gonna follow you now!

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