Friday, March 26, 2010

Friendship Friday

Every Friday I will be blogging about friendship...
Friendship means everything to me! Isabella and I are both lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends!  Bella began experiencing friendship at a very early age, before she even turned one!
I met G's mom during story time at our local library when our girls were about 5 months old.  Since then, we have had lots of FUN together, and shared almost everything with each other!  Here they are at the library when they were about 14 months old!

Their friendship has truly blossomed!!

Taken at Tolmachoff Farms in November 2009.

Now it's your turn....Join me in Friendship Friday! It can be pictures, stories, anything you'd like to share about having FUN with friends! Happy Friday!

Don't forget to enter your own link to your Friendship Friday post below!

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McMommy said...

Awww..those pics are precious!!! I met one of my best friends in Mommy & Me when Matty was 3 months old and her daughter was the same age. We found out our kids were born 10 days apart, at the same hospital and we just really hit it off. Our kids "grew up" together and to this day, we still get together for BBQs and vacations,etc.

Save all these won't believe how little the kids once were!!

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