Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dentist here we come!

No Friendship Friday this week!

We are going to the dentist tomorrow and we have been reading Going to the Dentist, from the First Steps Series.

This book tells the story of a little girl's trip to the dentist. Dora, along with her stuffed alligator Allie, explains what can happen during the visit. She sits in the waiting room until her name is called. It is now her turn for her teeth to be cleaned. She mentions the dentist chair that you can sit on and talks about the tools that you may see. She says, "Some are very noisy!"

This was helpful to us because Jelly Belly is the one who often covers up her ears when there is too much chaos around.

This book taught my daughter that cavities are tiny holes in her teeth at a very young age. She learned the importance of brushing her teeth and eating healthy foods. It includes pictures of how to brush your teeth and also came with stickers.

Overall, the book is wonderful to read before a dental visit. It is thorough and filled with detail. My daughter enjoys the real pictures because she can relate to them. We read the book several times a year, especially when she gets into one of her "I don't want to brush my teeth" phase.

Tomorrow is our third or fourth visit to the dentist. I think Jelly Belly started her check-ups right before she turned 2. Oh how I wish I would have started blogging when she was much younger. I am so forgetful now.

She has done pretty well at the dentist and this book really helped all of us prepare for it. The first time we experienced some tears, but only because there was a screaming child right next to us. But it's been an overall okay experience for her. We have not gotten X-rays though and she will be 4 in September. Her dentist says her mouth is too small for them. I am worried and so is she. We have had a few discussions about cavities at home and at school. This kid eats too many sweets. Somewhat my fault but we were only able to avoid C-A-N-D-Y for so long.

Wish us luck tomorrow and be sure to leave some tips on how you prepare for your little one's dental visits.


Diar A. said...

Your daughter is one lucky little girl. When I was a kid, my parents never took me to dentist *I know, horrible -- you may scream now* But I do remember my dentist uncle came once to the house to check my aching tooth. And when I eventually meet the dentist as an adult? I am always shy and a bit terrified! What an experience!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope it all goes well! Have a great weekend!

Christie said...

Ugg, I am dreading the day when i have to take my oldest daughter to the dentist. Her ped said to take her at 3 years. only a few months to go

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