Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Party Time

Ultimate Blog Party 2010It's Party Time!
Five Minutes for Mom is hosting The Ultimate Blog Party and this is my first time participating.
My name is Angelica and I am fairly new to the blogosphere.  I have been married for 7 years now to a very supportive man. With a blog of his own, HE was the one that set mine up, and I am so glad HE did. I finally started blogging last summer and have recently picked it up once again! I am hooked and cannot believe I have been missing out!
Funwithbella is mostly about my day to day adventures with motherhood and how I manage to have FUN with my daughter while balancing my career, family and friends!  It is a work in progress as I am still trying to find my focus and voice.
She has changed my life and I love her to pieces. She is a very observant 3 year old who is super smart and full of energy. She goes to preschool 3 mornings a week and is transitioning out of her nap, NO fun! She has a very vivid and wild imagination. Sometimes it's too much for me to handle. Most of our challenges are food related; she is picky as can be and is allergic to eggs and nuts.
One thing is for sure, Jelly Belly loves a party. So much that she talks about her birthday party almost every day, and it's not until September!! We must attend a lot of birthday parties or something because she has already begun to plan her 4th birthday party! Here we are at her last birthday!

I love being a mom but I am fortunate to also work part-time at an inner city elementary school, two days a week.  My fancy title is High School Transition Coordinator.  I promote a college education and teach kids about how to prepare for high school and college.  At work, I am currently in the process of awarding  college scholarships to some very lucky high school seniors and planning a big field trip to Arizona State University, where I worked before Jelly Belly was born.
At home, Jelly Belly keeps me busy.  She loves reading books and you can often find us at the bookstore or at our local library during story time.  FUN Books has a few of the books we have recently read.  She also participates in Ballet and Gymnastics classes. We are a busy family and love to expose her to different experiences and activities. I will soon have a more extensive list of FUN Things to DO, and hope this gives new moms some ideas of how to have FUN with their kids.
I have really been enjoying documenting about our daily life, good and bad days. I only wish I would have started sooner. I have been participating in Mommy and Me Monday hosted by Krystyn from Really, Are you Serious and a few Wordless Wednesdays. I am also attempting to start my own meme, Friendship Fridays!
I hope you spend some time on our blog and come back again and become a Follower! It will be FUN!
Happy Blogging! And it is so nice to "meet" you!
If you would like to participate in The Ultimate Blog Party,
make sure you visit here!
So now on to the prizes….If I should be so lucky to win, I would really like:
**GRAND PRIZE, Toshiba Satellite L505D-ES5025**
39 -BeMy Guest certificate ($250 value) for one lucky winner, (2 night stay for a family of four) at any Hilton Garden Inn.
11 – A $100 gift eCertificate to, immediately redeemable online at over 13,000 restaurants nationwide.
32 – $25 Target Gift Card!
31 – A $20 Amazon gift certificate.
7 – Tupperware Prize Pack – the winner will receive a box filled with fun Tupperware goodies.
I also like these FUN prizes, that Jelly Belly can enjoy too!
22 – One winner will receive a fun Beach themed gift basket filled with an assortment of hair bows and clippies from ribbonrockstar hairbows. (Prize Value: $50)
71 – A $50 Bear Bucks Card to Build A Bear Workshop.
5 – Baking Magic for Kids mini-cupcake kit for two winners. This kit contains 12 gourmet mini-cupcakes, unfrosted, with an assortment of frostings and decorations.
15 – Win a $25 e-gift certificate to the Disney Store.


Nichol said...

Nice to meet you! Found you through the UBP. Lovely photos in the post. Happy partying and have a wonderful weekend.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm stopping by the via the Blog Party to say hello.
This is so much fun!

Have a great Saturday!

Megret said...

Hi there! Dropping by from the party, too! Awesome that you work in an inner city high school -- so commendable. Cute blog name, too!
Megret :)

Jenny said...

オッス! Nice to meet you! :D Just stopping by from the party to say howdy. Love your blog.

Have a great weekend and happy UBP! :D And hope to see you stop by sometime!!


Paige said...

Hey there! Your little girl is a cutie!! Please come say hi:

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Hi Angelica!

I'm visiting from UBP! Hope you can drop by my Party!!

Regina said...

Great blog Angie :)

Melinda said...

It sounds like your job is really awarding - handing our scholarships would be so sweet! Jelly Belly is adorable! :)

blueviolet said...

I'm so glad to meet you and happy you stopped by! I love your nickname for your cute!!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by! Since you're an educator (and I'm a former one) had to swing by! Your daughter is so adorable and your header couldn't be any cuter! Hope to see you back at my blog sometime soon. Looking forward to reading more here.

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

Hi, I'm just stopping by from the UBP10! It's nice to "meet" you!

Cheri said...

My daughter is also an early planner when it comes to her birthday. She's been making a list of friends to invite over the last few weeks and her birthday is in July.

Hope you'll pop by my party.

Kat said...

Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Cute blog! Love your little girl's name!

Rhonda said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Wow, my daughter is 5 and almost everyday she talks about what she wants to do and what presents she wants for her birthday. So, I know what you are talking about. Well, it's nice to meet you. Happy Blog Partying!!

Alisha said...

Hey, saw you at the party, lol! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your girls are adorable!!

Unknown Mami said...

Well, that was a very nice introduction. Great way to learn a bit about you.

Thank you for stopping by and following. I am returning the follow.

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

She's adorable! My eldest was a super-picky eater, too, and is always underweight. Moms of good eaters just don't understand the stress that comes with a picky eater! Hang in there, it does get better. I really liked "Just Two More Bites".

Snuggly Monkey mama said...

I'm so glad we are blog buddies :) This whole thing wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you. I'll be joining you for Friendship Fridays this week :)

Kris said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog with the UBP.

I love your pictures. Your little girl is so sweet.

Tiaras said...

so lovely to meet you - busy momma that you are! You sound like you have a pretty rewarding job! Thanks for stopping by form the UBP

Xenia said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! My 3-year-old would LOVE Jelly Belly, they sound so similar! We also have been talking about the upcoming 4th birthday party but, like you, it isn't until the fall. However, you'd definitely have to keep her from telling my daughter about transitioning out of a nap - I'm dreading the day that happens!

Happy partying!

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi, Angelica! What a beautiful name and what a beautiful daughter you have. I love your focus on having fun with her. Childhood goes by so quickly--enjoy it to the fullest!

Hope you'll stop by my blog when you can.

Saving For Someday said...

I decided to post here to while on my SITS and UBP10 rounds. I'm a fellow AZ blogger! Yay for the Copper State!

Maybe I'll see you at an AZ blog meet up one day.

Safe Home Happy Mom said...

Happy UBP10 Party!!! The linkys up there are insane, I cannot possibly visit everyone. So glad, I found yours. I am now a follower, you can also follow my blog at

Have a great week!!! Lets finish this party!

Amy Webb said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have fun partying and meeting other bloggers.

Traci said...

Yay UBP!!!

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! Just popping in from the UBP to be your newest Google Follower! Hooray! Hope you have a great weekend! Swing by my blog when you get a chance!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

kelly said...

hello from ubp and! i'm loving your upbeat blog and plan to be a loyal follower!

Cher said...

Saying Hi from the Ultimate Blog Party! That is great that your husband blogs too!
Visit my party post
I also have a whole bunch of giveaways going on if you wanted to check them out!
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