Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Remote please!

I have been eating nothing but popsicles, cheerios, crackers, bananas and bread for over 72 hours. I haven’t had an ounce of caffeine. Maybe I should have some. So today, I could only take so much of this:

When most of my parenting is done from the bathroom, and my head is pounding so much that my eye sockets hurt, it is time. Time to let her enjoy the tube. Top 5 reasons she was allowed to watch television all afternoon:

1) I used up way too much energy to take her to story time this morning so we can say good bye to our favorite librarian AND then dragged ourselves to the grocery store to buy more Gatorade, bananas and popsicles. What was I thinking??

2) It’s a nice sunny day in AZ and I am so cold that I am wearing sweats and sweatshirt

3) There is no way in hell I am leaving the house again to take her to her weekly ballet class

4) I am not thinking straight

5) I love my chatter box but I need her to stop talking

I will admit I was once that parent that said she will not watch TV. I did the research. I did my fair share of reading. I like to argue that those so called experts do not have children and if they do they are lying to us. My favorite is when they say to watch television with your kids.  I do not like how she turns into a zombie but I use it to my advantage.  How can they not discover the peace that a bit of TV viewing can bring? The smiles it brings to not only children but their exhausted parents. I still monitor what she watches and how long. Most of it is educational. We are big fans of Disney and Pixar movies.  I absolutely hate commercials. So far we have managed to avoid Sponge Bob in our household.  I try hard to stick to the 2 hours a day rule (or is it 3 now that she is 3?). But there are days like today when almost everything goes out the door.
You will find Jelly Belly watching consecutive hours of TV when Mommy is sick and has no energy.

Today it was:

I hope no dreams of a scary kangaroo wake her up tonight or I will regret Horton Hears a Who!

What did your little ones watch today?

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Lee Vandeman said...

Hey Angelica! Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but I have some good news! I have ONE more DVD to add to your collection! You have won The Squeakquel in my giveaway at Moms Without Blogs!!

Hooray! I had to come comment here because your profile is not linked to your email but that's good because I got to see what your scene is all about and your daughter is just beautiful! And the Phoenix Suns gorilla story made me laugh earning you an extra entry!! :-)

So email me your address so I can have the PR peeps send it your way!


Hope you make your comment goal in April! I'll try to stop by as often as I can!!

Thanks for playing along!


Night Owl Mama said...

SOrry to hear you not doing well hope your feeling better soon.

WOoo on the squeekle win. WE watched that yesterday and today THEY Kids luv it

Snuggly Monkey mama said...

That is the thing about being a mom - we don't get "sick days" :( I do the same thing when I am not feeling well. Shortly after Baby S was born and I was sleep deprived, I got Baby S to sleep in her car seat so I put that at the foot of my bed and sat Miss M with the portable DVD player next to me in bed and I slept. Have you guys discovered Charlie & Lola? It is a BBC kids series that Miss M (& hubby) love!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the winning the Squeakquel movie. We saw it at the theatres. It was FUNNY!

Thankfully my hubby's home to help take care of the little one but he's not 100%.

We are TV watchers here. I admire those parents who manage to keep their kids occupied and engaged ALL DAY EVERY DAY without the aid of TV. I'm just not one of them but I make sure my kids stay active and tune into the real world so we balance it well.

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