Monday, January 25, 2010

She really wants to drive

Every night I take a few pills and tonight Jelly Belly was watching closely.

Bella: When I am older, can I have those?

Me: Sure of course, Do you know how old I am?

Bella: No--(I have told her a couple of times)

Me: I am 33.

Bella: And when I am 33, I can drive?

Me: You can drive sooner than that, you only have to be 18 to drive.

Bella: WoW!

She was so excited. I thought we were done and boy was I wrong...about 30 minutes later. Jelly Belly's eyes were twinkling with excitement after she came up with the following list:

Bella: When I am older I can...
wash the dishes, push the grocery cart, go to the grocery store, do the dishes, make you dinner, make your tea, make daddy coffee, climb the ladder, put on my own TV show, drive to the movies, drive you and daddy to the movies, drive to the library, and you can sit in the back like me....

Me:, why can't I sit next to you? oh you can mommy, but I will drive...

Bella: And I can drive you to the doctors, and clean the whole house and when I am older, I won't need a booster, I can do the laundry all by myself, I can drive me to the movies, I will be the mommy.

Me: No, I will always be the mommy

Bella: But I will be the driver....

My eyes were also twinkling with excitment, I envisioned her taking care of me and doing all my chores until finally realized that this whole conversation should have been filmed! And so at least it has brought me back to this blog.

It's been way too long, more to come soon.

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