Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Tuesday morning!

I have the best husband in the world! Today is Tuesday, which means it's story time at the library. I was woken up a little later than usual today so I knew I better hurry. I got Isabella some breakfast, got her dressed, and got my running shoes on. I was determined to get at least a 30 min. workout before heading out the door. I woke my hubby up like I always do, and asked him to get up and brush her teeth, and do her breathing treatment so I could work out.
Today, I got no complaints from him...I began my work out, before I knew it, 45minutes had gone by and for most of it, she was not near me, pure silence, I was able to listen to music; and, I must say he kept her away from me without the TV being on! He read a book or two or three! Isabella even said, "You could have worked out more, so daddy can read more books."
He rocks! Not only did he brush her teeth, do her treatment but he also put the library books that were due in our library bag and then he did her hair!! I need to say that again, he did her hair. One day I will take a pic of just the tangles in her hair. Now that was super nice! He has been so helpful lately in the mornings now that I am trying to workout more and more. So with all this help, I don't understand how I am always late to the library, we are talking every week! I am one of the last moms to walk through the door, today they had already started singing!
Oh well, at least we made it! Daddy this Shamrock is for you!

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Snuggly Monkey mama said...

Yeah for awesome husbands! Yeah, no matter how hard I try and how much I try to allow extra time to get places I still can't seem to get anywhere on time either. Congrats on getting back to your blog :) Looking forward to reading more!

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