Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chinese Cultural Center

Last month, Isabella and her preschool class went on a field trip to the Chinese Cultural Center. I had never been there (unless you include a visit to a nightclub during my college days!) so I was just as excited as she was. The thing I liked the most about this field trip is that I would have never thought of taking her there, never ever, would I have thought of exposing her to the culture, the gardens and the beautiful architecture that we saw.

I do have to comment that her preschool class was very excited that day and full of energy. They had been doing Chinese New Year activities all week; they were full of anticipation and were ready for their trip. We had beautiful weather and we were outside. If I would have given that some more thought, I may have enforced a few rules and explained appropriate behavior. But her being in preschool and taking field trips has been a new adventure for both of us. Isabella is usually well behaved in public, and I am not always prepared to handle how easily she can be influenced. Kids often associate being outdoors with running and climbing, and boy was there plenty of that!! I needed lots of patience that morning and had to take her aside a few times to remind her that this was not a playground.  This outing was full of teachable moments.  I think she purposelly ignored me around her friends!  Luckily, Daddy met us for lunch that day at one of the restaurants so we were able to talk a bit more about what we were looking at.  Overall, I would take her again.  How else is she going to learn how to act and appreciate the things around her.  A few days later she talked about China, the statues and  and how chinese letters look a lot different than the ones she is learning!!  That to me was worth it!

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