Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jelly Belly and Me # 2

I am getting more and more excited about this Mommy and Me challenge. Today, I realized how true it is... not too many pictures with Jelly Belly and me, especially ones that are not posed. The challenge to change that is definitely on!

She was sitting on my lap as I began looking and searching for pictures of the 2 of us together. Looking through pictures is one of her favorite things to do. I hope this really helps her remember all her childhood memories! She is especially fascinated with pictures of me when she was in my belly!

I am guilty! I failed to take a picture of her and I this week. But these pictures are not too old.....
We traveled to the Bahamas in June '09 and mommy and daddy were destined to have a great time at a Bon Fire that included unlimited drinks! She must have thought we were the best, funniest parents ever that night! She even remembers mommy doing the limbo!

Pictures were taken by Daddy, before the real fun began!

Join us in Mommy and Me!

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Jessica said...

This makes me want to take a Summer vacation! Great pictures!

Annie said...

those photos are breathtaking! What a beautiful day at the beach!
And your dress is lovely too!

Mellisa Rock said...

Ohhh this makes me wish for a vacation somewhere warm...just reading on the beach...Have a great week!

Krystyn said...

Oh, now I want to go to the beach.

Next week, you should get a picture of you guys looking at pictures:)

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