Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We are slowly returning to normal activities which means less computer time for me, especially on the days she does not nap. Today, my jelly belly had an allergy test done and a chest x-ray to try and find the root of this never ending cough. For now it's Singulair, Zyrtec and breathing treatments....Yuck!!! I hate it, but what am I to do? She was off the breathing treatments for only 3 days before the cough came back. I can't take the risk of not following her treatment plan, especially when doctors say if it is untreated it can get worse. As if her egg and nut allergy were not enough to deal with, I now have to worry about possible asthma. I know it can always be worse, but its been an overwhelming day. I am thankful its just a cough but I wish more than anything right now to not have to give her all that stuff, for it to magically disappear. Let's focus on the positive, we won't have to get rid of Rocky and Mickey and the allergy test today showed she may possibly outgrow the egg allergy someday. Let's just hope I make it through this month, she is moodier, more irritable and chattier than ever since she began all these meds...I will just tell myself it's her age.

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