Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our rules

Today we wrote out some rules (Thanks Allison for the idea). Yesterday I thought I should wait until we get back from Costa Rica. But I couldn't wait....Let's hope this helps our behavior issues, it's worth a try. Jelly Belly came up with most of them on her own, not necessarily in this order. She was excited about our "project" and had fun putting glitter on our big piece of paper.

Bella's rules:
1) No hitting anyone (especially mom, dad & Ginny)
2) Be nice to each other
3) No yelling
4) No pushing, no pulling
5) No saying No!
6) No kicking
7) No taking without asking
8) No closing doors
9) No throwing things
10) No playing with water without permission
11) Draw only on paper
12) Do what mama and daddy say
13) Share

This may be too much, but she wanted to keep cutting the carpet, no biting, things that we don't have issues with. Knock on wood! But let's see if she can follow #10, she recently got into the sink to give her babies water and to mix it with her play-doh because it was too hard. And #12 is my favorite, and the ultimate rule that gets broken everyday!

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