Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mak Diva

We are leaving to Costa Rica this Thursday and what am I doing? Blogging....aaaahhh it's my new addiction, good thing it has not replaced Facebook. Now I need more time! This is Makenzie aka Mak Diva, my husband's God daughter (so technically mine too). I have known her since she was 3 I think! And now she is the bestest, greatest babysitter. She comes over and Jelly belly does not need a thing from me. I packed, and cleaned and cleaned, yes I am a bit obssesed, but I must clean before I go out of town. Today Isabella made her do all kinds of silly things...getting in her crib was just one of them. Jelly belly loves her, and pretty soon Mak diva will be old enough to babysit! I'm counting down... Mak Diva may soon get blue hair and jelly belly has already put her request in for pink hair!! Yikes, we are in trouble!

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