Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charlie Brown

We are having fun exploring our new surroundings! Last week, we visited the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California
Every 4th Monday of the month, they offer children's activities in the morning. 
I am glad we took advantage of it before she started preschool.
It was a great deal....Her entrance fee was $5 and this allowed me and a friend to get in for free. 
Not bad! Regular admission is $10 per adult.
This included a story, and a few craft stations for the kids throughout the museum.

Jelly Belly didn't quite understand or appreciate everything that was on their walls but I did.
She had more fun posing with the statues and watching a Peanuts movie on our way out.
We enjoyed a nice lunch in the cafe at Snoopy's Home Ice Arena and had fun window shopping at the museum store.

We did have a "moment" when she realized that Mommy did not buy anything for her!

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niko said...

your jelly belly is a cutie pie!!! pretty pretty little girl!!

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