Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our trip

We are back in Arizona and adjusting to the heat! Jelly belly had a lot of fun in Costa Rica. I am so glad she is becoming an international traveler at such a young age. She surprised us when she compared Costa Rica to the Bahamas, it was a great geography lesson for all of us. Jelly Belly got to spend time with "Tita" (my mother-in-law), Tia Diana and her cousins. She also felt the warmth of extended family, picked up a few Spanish words, visited the beach and a volcano we could not see. We survived our flights, our layovers, car trips and everything else. Giving her new toys was a huge success, she now loves Polly Pockets. They kept her very busy when there was nothing to do at the airport and long car rides. Highly recommend them! There was a lot of C-A-N-D-Y, fruit snacks, gum and movies, and she even tried soda for the first time! Flexibility is the key to a great vacation! I can only wish that someday she will eat Costa Rican food because it is delicious and very similar to what I grew up eating in Nicaragua.

One of our very first pics that was taken on a very long drive to the beach:

Here is the beach we visited and the beautiful sunset we saw:

Here she is with Santi, they got along instantly and so well considering the language barrier.... "I love candy" is something they will both remember!

Here she is holding a crab, not scared at all:

Spent lots of time with daddy:

Hung with the cousins, Andrew and Adrian:

Visited Tito...which raised some tough questions we will soon address:

Where is the volcano?? It's supposed to be behind them...
We couldn't see the lagoon...

Here she is feeding a squirrel:

MOO MOO, she saw cows everywhere including outside of Tita's house:

She was ready to come home and see her Grandmee & Grandpee and of course the puppies. She missed her toys, her room, her crib, but she overall she did great. Now it's time for routine! We are still unpacking. We have reviewed our rules and we are getting ready for her first day of school on Monday. Trying to get her up and ready by 8:30 a.m. will be quite the challenge.

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