Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chore Chart

I finally had time to come up with a chore list for Isabella. Her chore list includes:
1) Cleaning her princess table
2) Emptying out the bathroom trash
3) Cleaning the bathroom mirrors
4) Water and food for the pets
5) Help with the bathrooms
6) Help put away laundry
7) Putting things away
8) Emptying out the dishwasher
9) Putting clothes in her hampter

Most days, she is receptive to the idea of being mama's helper. Other days, she says, "I am busy" or "You do it!". She is earning stickers for each chore she accomplishes or when she is being helpful. So far the stickers have been enough. My next step will be to give her quarters when she has a lot of stickers on her chore chart. She alreadyemptied out the bathroom trash pretty much unsupervised! We were so proud!
You can make your own Kids' Chore Chart at:

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