Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our conversations

My day between 12 and 1pm!

We are leaving her preschool…Bella tries to get in the front passenger seat, I had no idea what she was doing, so I picked her up and tried to put her in her car seat. And yes, I am in a hurry…
The water works begin.…with a bit of kicking and screaming.

Bella: I want to go in the front and then climb to the back.

Me: That is not safe, you don’t climb all over the car seat.

Bella: Tries to swing at me and screams NO!

Me: Picked her up and sat her on a little planter, very calmly said, “When you are ready to get in the car without screaming, let me know. Then, I look the other way.

Bella: Screaming & Crying, but stays seated :)

Thank God it was not a 120 degrees outside but it was still hot, noon in October in AZ with me wearing jeans and a black shirt, it was hot! I turned the car on so I can turn the a/c on while she is screaming.

Bella: "Don’t leave without me!" Screaming, crying

Me: "I am not leaving without you, are you ready to get in the car the right way?"

Bella: "Yes" Tantrum over.

Me: Picked her up and strapped her in the car seat…

I think I won!

Keep in mind that I had just been told that she hit one of her friends today…

Me: We do not hit, hitting is not nice, it is not okay, you have to be nice to your friends. If someone hits you, then you walk away and tell the teacher. If you keep hitting, then you won’t be able to go to preschool.

Bella: It’s so hot, I’m sweaty, let’s go.

In one ear and out the other…so true!

We get home and it’s time to get dressed for the Little Gym…

Me: Please come put your pants on

Bella: Runs away…

Me: Please come put your pants on, I’m not going to ask you again

Bella: No, no, no, you have to say “Ma’am, please come put your pants on”

Me: I had to hide my chuckle and I ask, “Who taught you that?”

Bella: Danny (Danny is one of her imaginary friends)

Me: Bella please come put your pants on, we are running late

Bella: But you have to say, “Ma’am, please come put your pants on”

Me: “Ma’am, please come put your pants on”….and she comes happily to put her pants on.

She wins!

I guess you have to learn to pick your battles but did I just do that????

So back in the car we go, she has her bag of grapes, I’m putting her in the carseat and she spits at me!!

Me: Did you just spit at me?

Bella: Yeah, it was a seed.

Me: You do not spit like that, that is not good manners, that is disgusting and very gross, please don’t do that again.

Bella: I just don’t want the seed to go in my belly because then it will grow!

Me: Gotta hide my chuckle again and stay serious, “Next time, please put the seed back in the bag. Do you understand?"

And off we go.....

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Lee Vandeman said...

WOW! That was one active hour of conversation!!! What a spicy little girly you got there. Just like mine. :-)

Thanks for playing along!!


Sorry for the delayed response. I had family in town this weekend and well, I let myself get involved in life without the computer. Love it. :-)

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