Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Change of Plans

We had a lot of fun stuff planned for this week but Isabella's cough has changed it all. This is our 2nd day stuck at home. And I hate staying home, I am used to venturing out in the mornings and keeping her entertained. Today, we missed a free movie at the library but I am sure I would have gotten lots of looks as she coughed and coughed and coughed. It has always been easier to do something outside our home because the house is filled with household chores that I hate to ignore, and of course the computer and internet are very distracting. So I have made it a point to spend quality time with her today. This eases the guilt of having spent a lot of time on the computer yesterday catching up on some work.

So far I made up a number recognition game with her Elmo Cards. Isabella has been counting to 10 for a while, so now we are working our way up to the number 20. It was only a few months ago, that we both laughed when she called "12" twoteen. Today, she seemed to get a bit frustrated or tired with our game, so perhaps we can continue this afternoon.

I have pushed her numerous times up and down our hallway on her tricycle that she cannot pedal yet. We then moved on to Legos and wonder if every mom finds a way to somehow end up counting, or talking about letters and sounds.

Thankfully she has stayed asleep long enough for me to write this.
The big question now is how much TV I will allow her watch after her nap so I can continue reading "Breaking Dawn" .... or fold laundry. Hopefully she will be in the mood for a project, which surprisingly she did not want to do yesterday.

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